Zamurueva dumbbells and killed 12-year-old son Astrakhanka wanted to be Governor

a Resident of Astrakhan, according to investigators who scored to death his son-schoolboy dumbbells and flooded his body with concrete in the house of the eldest son, was planning to nominate his candidacy for the presidency of the Astrakhan region. This was reported by the website “Moscow speaking”.

Galina Morozova until 2019 was part of the party “Fair Russia”, said the head of the regional branch Oleg Shein. “It is unknown where did the idea for the nomination for Governor. The party organization did not support her, and then off we go”, he said.

According to the politician, the conflict with party members could be a catalyst for a family tragedy.

As reported, the 56-year-old resident tried to confuse law enforcement officers. The murder occurred in early March, but the couple then informed the police that the boy was gone — gone away to school and never returned. The woman also wrote about the disappearance of her son in social networks.

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