Zelenski said that Ukrainians

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky marked a Day of mourning and remembrance of war victims record on the page in Facebook, where he recalled the losses of the Ukrainian people during the Second world war.

He called to “remember that we not only survived that terrible war, but subsequently received its own state.” “It is our duty to turn it into a peaceful and prosperous country for every Ukrainian,” said Zelensky.

the President noted that Ukraine has lost in the Second world war about 10 million lives.

“That war one way or another touched every Ukrainian family. She gave us a bitter experience of loss and the experience of feat that inspires” — said Zelensky.

Also, according to him, the war continues to rise to many disputes in society, but “we have nothing to argue.”

Today, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Smigel expressed the view that the Second world war was a clash of two totalitarian regimes.

In his occered President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at the ceremony in Brest that “not all citizens of these now-independent States see themselves as heirs of the heroic history”, and his Russian counterpart have called the memory of the great Patriotic war is sacred.

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