Zelensky disgraced relocation to the

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his family moved to the state residence in Koncha-Zaspa. Reporters learned that the family of the head of power started to use the country house July. The President’s motorcade, was recorded on departure from residence in Koncha Zaspa in the morning and in the evening at the entrance. The morning had spotted the car first lady Elena Zelensky. It is reported on his page in Facebook reporter “Schema” Michael weaver. In the President’s Office officially confirmed that Vladimir Zelensky moved into the residence, but noted that it’s temporary.

Zelensky moved to dachas in Koncha-Zaspa — ОПhttps://t.co/vzAt49cV1t pic.twitter.com/YEhVssk0Ra

— Шарий.net (@sharijnet) July 9, 2020, “the Presidential state house is for the servants of the people is a three — storey manor on the Bank area over 2 thousand square meters and acres of land around. The house has four bedrooms, marble bathrooms, lift, cinema room, billiard room, Solarium, sauna, swimming pool and a massage parlour,” wrote weaver. According to Styler-RBC-Ukraine, the estate was nicknamed “the cottage Yushchenko” as the third President of Ukraine has lived in the estate for about 10 years. Prior to his dacha in Koncha Zaspa was used by Leonid Kuchma. In 2015, the house did a lot of repairs — changed the sewer network is partially changed wood stairs and flooring. The total amount of all the works drawn to UAH 5 million (13 million rubles) Recently the budget has been allocated almost 330 thousand UAH (more than 850 thousand rubles) for the repair of the fire alarm system and other emergency repair work. Zelensky came to power as the candidate of the party “servant of the people”, some Ukrainians believe that moving to a luxurious “cottage” will hurt his image as the “people’s President”.

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