In the semifinal of the Cup of Russia on football “Zenith” played at home Spartak Moscow. Until the first goal the teams played on equal terms. One quick attack followed another, but still a little more often in the opponent’s half of the field was “Zenit”. As a natural result — a penalty in the 24th minute, which easily implements Artem Dzyuba. Soon, between him and Alexander Sobolev clashed. To separate the two strikers managed only by the efforts of about a dozen players of both teams.

For some time, the owners firmly settled on half of field “Spartaka” who had only to rely on rare counter-attacks. However, this calculation is justified. First goal scored Gigot, true VAR captures the offside, and it will not count. But then, in the 45th, Alexander Sobolev realizes his time. This time the ball has been counted. Guests relaxed and stoppage time of the first half, added as much as five minutes. Their Petrograd was enough to regain the lead. Daler Kuzyaev made the score 2:1 on the third added minute.

In the second half the initiative, as the swing passed from one team to another. Tired players noticeably slowed down, but chances were still missing. However, realize neither one of them has failed. Final score — 2:1. “Zenit” in the finale, but Spartak gives yourself a chance to get into European competitions.

In the other semi-final “Khimki” sensationally beat “Ural” with the score 3:1 in Yekaterinburg. In the guest scored Gapon, Troshechkin and Polyarus. Consolation goal on 73 minutes the hosts scored Panyukov. After the match, during his interview in the mixed zone, head coach of Yekaterinburg Dmitry Parfenov announced his resignation.

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