This is one of the movies fist of the 43rd Festival of Annecy. In competition in the Feature films category Contrechamps, Zero Impunity is a documentary made by two brothers, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, and Nicolas Blies, combining shooting and real animation. The two men have given voice to victims of sexual violence and whistleblowers outraged by these abuses committed in time of war, of which impunity is total. This project is the centrepiece of an initiative transmedia comes in a book co-written by investigative journalists, but also six articles translated into six languages and is a citizen movement digital assets in France and in Ukraine.

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Drawing or making drunk real? a_BAHN

The film, commented by the journalists whose faces are projected on the walls of several cities of france, is divided into five chapters with titles that are offensive, such as “Licence to rape”. Zero Impunity invites us to a trip chilling, first in Syria, where we find the testimony terrifying the mother of the little Nora, age 11, raped and tortured by men of the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Under the path, gross Denis Lambert, the horrors of the war unfold. The animation work is so successful that we can barely distinguish the drawing or of the actual shooting, as the details are thoughtful.

Open his eyes, speak, be in solidarity

The journey towards the horror continues, in Kiev, where a victim of the conflict with the Russians tells the story of the calvary she had lived. The young woman was kidnapped and raped for three days. She remembers that his sadistic jailer he inserted the bullets from the gun into the vagina, during his sleep. The brothers Blies take then the spectator in the United States, at the meeting of the whistleblower, Peter Gallo. This former investigator with the united Nations has lifted the veil on the sexual crimes of peacekeepers in Republic of Congo, where Un soldiers have abused young women minor. It was incredulous to learn that the agency has preferred to investigate the rats of the New York subway…

With Zero Impunity , the brothers Blies and their collaborators put their finger on a hot topic serious. Their camera and their pencil strokes to reflect the horror that takes place sometimes in a few hours by plane to our homes. We will also retain the strong images of the last sequences of the film, a call to solidarity doubled, a cry shattering of humanism.