In the cities of Russia continue to be protests against the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which the authorities acknowledged held.

Today their attitude to the amendments of the Basic law of the country was expressed by the hawks. People took to the streets to picket, they held banners reading “Putin is reset to zero ten days ago. The chaos is just beginning”, “We need high salaries, not the new fines and taxes, because time to lose, no.”

Activists also questioned the voting results. “Carl Friedrich Gauss accuses — they planted 27 million votes” — such poster was seen among the participants of the protest.

Hawks are “against the amendments to the Constitution, zeroing hopes for the turnover of power, torture in prison and the persecution of activists,” he said at the local headquarters of politician Alexei Navalny, reports “”.

Earlier, protests were held in several Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Network also has a petition: appeal was created before the plebiscite — with the requirement to cancel the vote as violating the laws of the country, and after — to recognize fake results have already held a vote.

Recall, the vote on constitutional amendments took place in Russia from 25 June to 1 July. According to the CEC, the amendment was voted 77,92% of participants of plebiscite against of 21.27%. In the main document of the country were invited to make more than 200 changes, including annual indexation of pensions; about the minimum wage not below the subsistence level; of the ban on foreign citizenship for top officials; the expansion of the role of the state Council and the “zero” time spent on a post of the head of state, Vladimir Putin.

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