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Japanese expert found an unexpected way to lose weight and look younger

Japanese expert found an unexpected way to lose weight and look younger

Longevity is due to the so-called sirtuins encoding a gene that activates the cell regeneration processes and thereby preserves the youth and beauty. This writes the Japanese expert, asinari Nagumo, quoted by Cursorinfo.

the Specialist said that in order for this gene is “earned”, you need to eat less, and best of all — “walk with an empty stomach.” In his opinion, food should be only once, but not three meals a day are considered. The expert notes that if such a system to use at least 4 weeks so you can easily get rid of excess weight, rejuvenate and improve skin condition. In the example of a Japanese scientist brought different wild animals — they look healthy and fit, but eating on average once a day. Moreover, after the diet, people will continue to intuitively choose only those foods that will not harm the body, and the processes of healing and rejuvenation will take place automatically, the scientist noted.

Nutritionists do not agree with this approach. Most experts agree that the person should eat 4-5 times a day, the portions should be small. In this case, would not the effect of “bloated belly” and energy and effort throughout the day will be enough for the job.

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