Phone scammers have reached a new level, forcing a Russian to sell an apartment

In Moscow, a 70-year-old man sold an apartment to “help catch criminals.” The new scheme of telephone fraudsters was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor’s office of the capital.

Scammers started calling a resident of Novokosino in August 2023. At first, the “bank employee” scared the pensioner with the news that fraudsters allegedly issued a loan secured by his apartment. As a result, an elderly Muscovite was persuaded to formalize a fictitious real estate purchase and sale transaction.

“He allegedly transferred the received 5 million rubles to the bank’s forwarder, believing that in this way he would save his real estate,” the prosecutor’s office said. It is noted that the pensioner was not immediately able to confess to his family what he had done. Currently, scammers are being sought.

Earlier it was reported that the professor of St. Petersburg State University transferred more than 9 million rubles to telephone fraudsters.