In Moscow detained a former colleague of Ivan Safronov, released on a single picket

In the center of Moscow began a campaign in defense of the former journalist of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti, and nowadays the adviser of Dmitry Rogozin Ivan Safronov.

pickets are on Lubyanka square, in front of the FSB. In particular, the protection Safronova said the special correspondent and head of the international Department of “Kommersant” Elena Chernenko. In the end, she was detained and taken to the police Department.

According to the journalist Olesya Gerasimenko, the action will be going on all day.

the Lubyanka began protests demanding a fair and open investigation of the case of Ivan Safronov. will go all day. the photo – correspondent and head of the international Department ID Kommersant Elena Chernenko

— Gerasimenko (@planca) July 7, 2020

international journalist Elena Chernenko was detained for picket in support of Ivan Safronov, was held without violations. carry in OVD petty-bourgeois

— Gerasimenko (@planca) July 7, 2020

Ivan Safronov was detained on the morning of 7 July. Security officials believe that he gave the secret service one of the countries of NATO classified information about military-technical cooperation, defence and security of the Russian Federation.

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