In Minsk, the security forces attacked journalists of BBC Russian service

security forces attacked the correspondent of Russian service of the BBC, covering the protests in Minsk, the newspaper reports.

According to BBC, all three members of the crew were accreditation of the Belarusian foreign Ministry, were all in the identification vests of the press and identity. They were approached by a group of men in black uniforms without insignia, one of them tore off journalist’s badge of accreditation and tried to break the camera. The security forces then beat up the operator and tried to break the technique. Detained journalists were not.

Earlier it was reported that similar incidents happening to other journalists: people in black uniforms and helmets taken from members of the media memory card, camera break and tear badges. It was also reported on arrests of employees of the Belarusian and other media.

Recall that the protests in the cities of Belarus have not stopped for the third day. In clashes with the security forces and injured over two hundred people, some required hospitalization. The reason for the exit of people to the streets was the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, President at absolutely opaque counting process. As reported, the candidate of the United opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski did not recognize the victory of Lukashenko, saying that he had received in the elections of 9 August, approximately 80% of the votes. The CEC has counted it only 10% have re-elected President — a little more than 80%.