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After spotting a burning appliance, a 4-year-old helps save his family’s home from being destroyed

Daniel Patrick Jermyn said that his daughter saved their home from being destroyed by fire.

You don’t have to be too old to become a hero.

The father claims that his 4-year old daughter saved their house from being destroyed by a fire in their kitchen. Amazingly, the little girl was quick to react and alert her father, who was able stop the flames before it caused too much damage.

Fox News’ Daniel Patrick Jermyn said that he was just about to finish his lunch and was about to leave for the evening when the incident happened. Amelia, his 4-year-old daughter was dancing when she noticed smoke.

Amelia saw the fire from one of her family’s security cameras. She ran quickly and caught her father’s eye.

Jermyn stated, “She’s just a little hero.” “She saved my house.”

He said that she had found him and added, “Hello dad, come have a look at this.” She was also flailing around her arms. Jermyn said that he could see something was wrong by her actions.

Evidently, the family’s oven had caught on fire. Jermyn quickly grabbed the appliance and threw it into the backyard pool. He was able prevent a major fire, but there was still significant damage.

He said that “the stove is down” and explained that the fire had melted most of the top. Along with the microwave, the rug was also damaged. He said that if the rug had been burned for another two minutes, then his cabinets would have also been destroyed.

He claims that there were no injuries but pieces from the air fryer melted on his foot and dog’s feet.

Jermyn stated that he hopes this incident will show other parents that even young children can have good situational awareness. He believes that if they tell you something is wrong, it’s a good idea.

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