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Almost finished the next volume of the book “Game of thrones”

Almost finished the next volume of the book "Game of thrones"

the Next volume of the epic “a Song of ice and fire”, which filmed TV series “Game of thrones” is almost finished. This was announced by the writer George RR Martin on his blog.

According to him, finally he will complete the book in 2021. “The winds of winter” must be the penultimate part of the series of novels “a Song of ice and fire”.

Martin admitted that isolated in a cabin in the mountains to be more productive. According to him, he is also aware of the threat posed to his age and health (writer 71), therefore, is in a remote location with one assistant, does not go to crowded places and not Dating anyone. The writer also noted that the pandemic is temporarily closed several of its institutions, including non-profit organization Stageciach foundation and cinema Jean Cocteau Cinema, which is located in Santa Fe, new Mexico, USA. His bookstore Beastly Books while working.

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