Analysts estimate the growth of the average bill for back to school

the Average bill for “set first-grader” (this is a stationery set in the collection — pencils, pens, albums and more) in July of this year rose by 55% compared to last July and totaled 712 rubles. The number of purchases of a set of this year increased by 10%, analysts say the IT-company “Platform of the CRF”.

As reported by RT, according to the study, the average bill for a school backpack this July amounted to 1 563 thousand rubles, which is 3% less than last July. The number of purchases of this commodity increased by 38%.

the Average bill for the purchase of the diary was 142 rubles, an increase of 34%. Shopping became less on 21%.

most grew average check for pencil box: 799 rubles, which is 60% more expensive than in July 2019. The number of purchases of the canisters was reduced by 26%, experts say.

Experts pointed out that the pre-school usually starts several months before the beginning of the school year. In July, the sales growth of ready-made stationery sets and more expensive products affected: first, pent-up demand, and secondly, more Thrifty strategy of consumption. The parents have a better products at a higher price.

earlier, the Ministry of education announced that the new school year will begin on 1 September in the traditional, i.e., full-time format.