the Cost of manufacturing of the carrier rocket heavy class “Angara-A5” is 7 billion rubles — three times more than the rocket “proton-M” which it will have to be replaced. Data derive from the financial report of the Khrunichev Centre for 2019.

“In the scope of consolidation “internal reserve” of the company (Khrunichev Centre — approx. “Rosbalt”) with the assistance of state Corporation “Roscosmos” is the realization of the following actions: <...> implementation of complex of measures aimed at reducing the cost of the launch vehicle (LV) “Angara” <...>“, — specified in the text.

the Cost of “Angara” by 2024, will be reduced to 4 billion rubles — one and a half times what the “Proton-M”.

In 2018, General Director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the project “proton” is closed.

“the Task is set in accordance with already signed contracts to produce the required amount of our legendary “Protons” and then the project closed. Continue to fly exclusively with Angara”, — said Rogozin.

“proton” — the carrier rocket of heavy class, which is designed to launch spacecraft into Earth orbit and into outer space. “Proton-M” is a modification of the booster.

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