The family is the most morbid of cinema is back. Directed by the duo of Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan (Sausage Party), this remake of the animation of The Addams Family recorded a large number of voice of stars in the cast: Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac ( Star Wars ), Chloë Grace Moretz ( Kick-Ass ), Finn Wolfhard ( Stranger Things ) or even Snoop Dogg. The release is scheduled for October 11, the United States and on 4 December in France, where doublers have not yet been announced.

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In may, a first teaser was presented. We saw the Addams move into their dreary and inhospitable mansion. “It is hideous… This is horrible… This is our home!”, rejoiced Gomez and Morticia Addams in entering their future home. In the trailer, published Wednesday, we learn a bit more about the scenario of the film. Parents, Wednesday, Pugsley and Uncle’s Foul landed in the city and will have to face the outside world. “Aaah, it is a prison for children,” exclaims Wednesday for his first day of school. The young girl pale and gothic contrast totally with the universe very colorful that surrounds it, but will nevertheless have to find a friend in the person of Parker, a young girl well under all reports, and who want more than anything to offend his mother. No sooner said than done, Wednesday is going to help to adopt a punk style, while she will walk, less drastically, in the opposite direction. Shocked by the transformation of her daughter, the mother of Parker decides that he must do it from the Addams Family to the neighborhood as quickly as possible and alert everyone via a “Insta alert”… The war is then declared.

The Addams Family (2019) – trailer

From the comic book to the animated film

Choosing the animated film to bring back to life the family gothic and wacky, the two filmmakers are inspired by the designs of their creator, Charles Addams. Published in the form of a comic strip in the pages of the New Yorker from 1937, the story of Addams’s recovery as much by television, that of the filmmakers. In 1964, David Levy and transforms it into a series on ABC. In 1972, the family appears for the first time in animated version in a special episode of Scooby-Doo before getting his own series in 1973 and 1992 in the face of the enthusiasm of the young viewers. The first film adaptation produced by Barry Sonnenfeld in 1991, has a global success and generates close to thirty million of dollars in profits. In 2017, the Addams family rises on the boards of Broadway and Paris in a musical hell.

82 years after the first drawing, it is the turn of the cinema of animation to pay tribute to the work of Charles Addams and rekindle memories of the generation 1990. Because such a madeleine of Proust, the music of the opening credits created for the cartoon sounds in the new trailer… And makes you want to snap your fingers.