In Serbia, the security forces again dispersed the protesters, one person was severely beaten with batons (video)

On the streets of Belgrade protesters once again disbanding. The gendarmerie uses non-lethal weapons, video from the scene heard the shots.

on Tuesday, the people attempted to capture Parliament in connection with the decision of the authorities about the curfew in connection with the pandemic COVID-19. Police had “watered” the protesters with tear gas, and they threw stones at them.

on Wednesday, the excitement continued. Protesters came to the Assembly, where they were again pushed back.

the Serbs also outraged the case of police violence during a protest. On the video, which is viral at odds over a Network, is seen as riot police in full garb alternately beaten with batons lying on the ground man. It is unknown if he took part in the demonstration or were bystanders. Approaching the fallen, a number of police feel compelled to strike him.

Belgrade riots: Police brutally beats a guy that’s already on the floor.

— Sergej Dojcinovic (@Serdjosega) July 8, 2020

the interior Ministry of Serbia said that the protests were organized by opponents of the government and their goal was “seizure of power”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

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