In the Khabarovsk territory was extended to July 27, restrictions on coronavirus

the Government of the Khabarovsk territory was extended to July 27, mode restrictions imposed because of the spread of coronavirus, the press service of the regional government.

the report stresses that in the case that the epidemiological situation does not improve, the restrictions may in the future be extended until 7 August.

In particular, people over 65 years old prescribed mode of isolation, prohibited work entertainment organizations, bathhouses, saunas and attractions. In addition, prohibited any mass events. Catering can serve visitors only on open porches and a ready to sell take-away meals.

According to the regional Ministry of health, on the morning of July 13 in the region 5311 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, 297 of them identified over the past three days. Died 42 patients.

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