In the US blew another statue to Christopher Columbus

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the authorities of the American city of Chicago dismantled the statue of Christopher Columbus.

according to the Daily Mail, now the pedestal in Grand Park remained empty, as was demanded by the protesters in Chicago: after a week of mass protests the government went to them to make concessions.

it is Noted that on July 17, protesters at the monument clashed with police, during clashes injured at least 18 law enforcement officers, some of the demonstrators were hospitalized. The protesters demanded to tear down the statue of Columbus and was ready to storm it yourself. Then the police in Chicago had to stand in a cordon around the monument, and then to use tear gas.

In early July in the U.S. Baltimore, Maryland, the protesters tore down from the pedestal of the statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it in the waters of the Bay. Another monument to this historical figure was demolished in June in Richmond (Virginia).

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