Simu Liu, like many Asian actors, has played the role of the unknown man who is able to do martial arts but loses out to a better-skilled white actor. This was his first stunt job.

“Yeah, that’s right. I took my pay and went home. The Chinese-Canadian actor said that he didn’t complain. “But, then, you see the bigger picture and you consider the opportunities available to Asian performers. It’s clear that there is no deeper representation beyond a certain point.

It’s Liu’s turn to eliminate the baddies and become No. The call sheet lists Liu as No. 1. His role is the title role in Marvel Studios’ first Asian-led superhero movie, “Shang-Chi & The Legend of The Ten Rings.” The film, which opens Friday, features a lot of action sequences, dizzying stunts, and breathtaking locations. Shang-Chi is a skilled fighter who can kick and punch anyone. But, is he the “master of Kung Fu” enough to convince Hollywood to stop promoting clichés and supporting projects for actors and filmmakers of Asian heritage?

Directed and written by Asian Americans. The film centers on Shang-Chi, a trained assassin, trying to live a normal life in San Francisco. Awkwafina, comedian Ronny Chieng, also star. Original comic book inspired by the popular 1970s kung fu movies. The comic pays tribute to them but also tries to bring humanity out of the action. Liu, who is best known for his sitcom “Kim’s Convenience,” was chosen for his acting skills, and not for his karate chops.

It’s his humor. Director Destin Daniel Cretton said that it’s his ability show strength and vulnerability simultaneously. “It is his humanity that breaks down stereotypes.”

For decades, the martial arts movie genre has been a dual-edged sword to Asian Americans. Bruce Lee, a San Francisco native, is known for bringing Hong Kong kung Fu films to non-Asian audiences through his impressive martial arts skills. It’s still a shame that Asian American males are often called Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, or asked about karate.

Cretton stated, “When I moved to California from Hawaii it was the first occasion that just a random individual in a bar just lightly and jokingly named me Bruce Lee.” “I love Bruce Lee. He is amazing. “The only problem is that we didn’t have much.”