Protesters in Beirut took another one Ministry a policeman was killed

After the capture of the building of the foreign Ministry of Lebanon in Beirut, protestors stormed the Ministry of economy, reports MTV.

the information that the army was able to oust the protesters from the building of the foreign Ministry have not yet been confirmed.

During the violent clashes, killing one member of the security forces and several were wounded. The number of injured demonstrators had increased to 150.

the protection of the Lebanese Parliament denied the information about the shooting of protesters during the protests in Beirut.

“Charges in shooting by fighting cartridges look very suspicious. We emphasize that our goal is to protect the Parliament”, — quotes the statement to RIA Novosti.

According to BBC News, security forces violently dispersed the protests and used tear gas. The crowd of protesters accuse the authorities of corruption and incompetence that led to the explosion on 4 August.

according to The Guardian, at Martyrs ‘ Square, protesters erected makeshift guillotine for officials.