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Saakashvili warned about the risk of “feudal” split Ukraine

Saakashvili warned about the risk of "feudal" split Ukraine

The municipal authorities are able to destroy the Ukraine, said the head of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of the national Council reform Mikheil Saakashvili. He warned that the forces that were displaced by the current government are the “big revenge”. Saakashvili stressed that “the local feudal lords gave the entire budget”, they now “with fat rage”, informs “Ukraine is 24”. According to the ex-President of Georgia, who previously headed Ukraine Olesko region, 80% of these officials are “stolen”, and the rest of the money to create “private armies”. So, in Odessa there are “municipal guard, just the usual thugs, “titushki”, who go in uniform and with weapons, and are financed from the budget.” Saakashvili said that “some of them is preparing to breakaway from Ukraine.” He fears that “Ukraine in that form to lose if something is not drastically done.” “And the other part is ready to gain revenge in Kyiv,” he said. Kiev earlier ignored the request of Georgia to appoint to an official position of Saakashvili, who was sentenced in absentia in Tbilisi for three and six years of imprisonment for corruption and abuse of power.

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