St. Petersburg on the amendment: People don't care, they have been living their lives in parallel with the government, seized the country

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg are sure that with the amendment of the Constitution of life becomes better. That will change after the vote for Russia, St. Petersburg asked the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

“I participated in the voting as a member of the election Commission, the Chairman of the counting Commission to count the votes. We have on a particular area all were fair. Do was recorded turnout of 60%, but 58% were in favor and 42% against. And if the person is familiar with elementary arithmetic Magnitsky, in the mind to calculate what was the real relationship between approve and not approve,” he told the older man with his two grandchildren.

the Young woman said that do support the amendments only older people who have not highly developed critical thinking and who used to believe the media and television.

“I think it is better to live no more and is unlikely to get better. The amendments are necessary for one to renew our eternal comrade Putin. I think people still, they have been living their lives in parallel with the government, take over the country. I in this farce did not participate, did not vote,” said the father of two children.

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