The dismissed head physician of the Krasnoyarsk hospital, where he died two physicians, and patients with pneumonia asked for help

resigned Uyarskaya the head physician of regional hospital in Krasnoyarsk Krai, where he died two nurses, and patients with pneumonia has recorded a video message in which prosili help.

Recall that patients Uyarsky district hospital appealed to the local edition of TCEs with complaints about the lack of treatment and poor conditions of stay. As reported НГС24, later it became known about death of two medics institutions, infected with a coronavirus infection.

the Daughter of one of umershih doctors Galina Lebedeva said НГС24 that uyarskaya the hospital, working woman, she did not timely computed tomography of the lungs, and also refused to put in the intensive care unit.

on Monday, regional Ministry of health has announced the resignation of chief Uyarsky district hospital of Constantine Gulakova. The Department stated that the hospital “is a misallocation of the existing human resources” staff not using personal protective equipment, are not carried out disinfection measures, incorrect statistics. At the same time in the histories of patients said that the patients were treated according to the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of health.

By the time of inspection of patients with coronavirus infection in a hospital not proved.

Causes of infection of medical staff with coronavirus investigates the CPS.

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