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The immunologist told about the dangers of mosquito bites

The immunologist told about the dangers of mosquito bites

the Doctor described the symptoms, in which, after the mosquito bites you need to contact the experts.

As reported by the allergist-immunologist Moscow scientific-practical center of Dermatovenereology and cosmetology Galina Tereshchenko, people who are prone to allergies, mosquito bites can cause hives.

the Medic also warned that scratching the wound can turn into an infectious disease and the appearance of visible marks on the skin until the scars.

“the Saliva of a mosquito is not a source of infection, however, when damage to the skin during scratching the wound can get streptococci, staphylococci and other”, — said the allergist, said the Agency “Moscow”. According to her, these bacteria can lead to development of bacterial (pus) skin disease.

Tereshchenko advised to seek treatment at an elevated temperature, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, itchy blisters on the skin. The medic also warned against opening the abscess formed on the site of the bite. Especially dangerous can be inflammation in the head, the doctor added.

Earlier, the entomologist reported that mosquitoes in Moscow began to behave more aggressively, so as to fill the supply deficit that occurred they are due to the regime self-isolation. While another expert noted that the abundance of mosquitoes in Moscow can have a positive impact on populations of birds.

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