The Prosecutor General's office revealed widespread outbreaks of coronavirus in institutions of 10 regions

In children’s institutions in ten regions of the Russian Federation recorded outbreak of a new coronavirus infection, and was sick both children and adults staff schools. As the press service of the Prosecutor General, the main causes of the situation were the failure to observe quarantine and sanitary regulations.

Check the facts of mass disease COVID-19 in orphanages and kindergartens were checked by order of the Prosecutor General. Outbreaks of coronavirus identified in children’s institutions in Kamchatka and Perm territories, Amur, Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Magadan, Orel, Saratov, Sverdlovsk and Rostov regions.

the Prosecutor General’s office notes that outbreaks contributed to the failure by the administrations and staff of the institution of quarantine measures and sanitary standards. After intervention of prosecutors guilty officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility. In Voronezh initiated a criminal case under article negligence on the fact of inadequate execution by employees of the orphanage of their duties.

After having taken on representation of prosecutors of measures in all institutions was a complex of anti-epidemic events, they were equipped with the required number of means of individual protection, air recyclers, and other things. All sick children are in satisfactory condition.N

earlier today, the health Ministry said that children, “landing” the new coronavirus COVID-19, usually sick for 1-2 weeks, then recover. In the updated recommendations of the Ministry of health on the treatment of coronavirus in children it is noted that the vast majority of all known cases of coronavirus in children are associated with contact with sick adults. Not less than a quarter of affected children carry the coronavirus without symptoms. Hospitalization is required for less than 10% of affected children. Severe sore about 1% of children, usually children with severe concomitant diseases.

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