There was a video of the departure of the fighters PMC

the Alleged mercenaries from private military company “Wagner”, associated with Russia, was taken by air from the conflict zone in Libya. A video of was the evacuation, posted on his microblog, the Libyan Ambassador to the UN, Taher El Sonny.

These men had supported the Libyan national army (LNA) of General Khalifa the Haftarot, said the Ambassador.

Video showing one of many air rescue/evacuation ops. today for Haftar foreign mercenaries, protected by Pentsir air defence sys. in the city of Benwalid after their defeat South #Tripoli , initial reports say they are the Wagner group

— Taher EL-Sonni طاهر السني (@TaherSonni) May 25, 2020

Representative of the General staff of the national consensus government (NTC) forces which opposed the LDF, Muhammad Sununu added that vagnerova were taken from the airport of Beni Walid family aircraft, including An-32.

according to Anadolu, the mercenaries took away from the combat zone near Tripoli military equipment and ammunition.

Earlier today it was reported that the evacuation has affected 1.6 million soldiers PMC “Wagner”. The new place of their deployment is unknown. Earlier in Turkey claimed that Russia allegedly sent to the aid of the Haftarot fighters from Syria, where her aircraft involved in combat missions.

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