The Minister of the Interior had asked Thursday to intensify controls this weekend with “the systematic seizure of vehicles and the arrest of the perpetrators” to put an end to these “unbearable disorders” which return each year at the first fine days. of spring.

In total, the 7,460 police officers and gendarmes mobilized checked 21,425 people, arrested 136 of them, 96 of whom were placed in police custody, according to Beauvau. In addition, 3,235 verbalizations were drawn up.

The law of August 3, 2018 on urban rodeos created a specific offense punishable by one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.

According to data from the Chancellery, convictions related to urban rodeos have increased by 1,400% since 2018 and for the year 2021 alone there has been an increase of almost 40% in convictions.