Before the lifting of the veil, Thursday, on the selection of its 45th edition, the american film festival of Deauville known to raise the temperature. The event, which will take place from 6 to 15 September, has revealed the works that will make its opening and its closing. The last Woody Allen film, A rainy day in New York city, will launch the celebrations. Elle Fanning, rewarded by a prize New Hollywood at Deauville last year, and the star of Call Me By Your Name, Timothée Chalamet, y embody a couple of students whose weekend getaway turns into a succession of chance meetings and unusual situations.

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“New York crystallizes once again the dreams and neuroses of the protagonists of Woody Allen in a chassé-croisé full of charm, promises, the artistic director of the Deauville, Bruno Barde. Jude Law, Rebecca Hall, liev view Schreiber complement the poster of the marivaudage with the advent painful.

Always accused of inappropriate touching by his adoptive daughter Dylan, Woody Allen has been banished to Hollywood in the wake of the movement #MeToo. The director who has never been prosecuted by the justice proclaimed his innocence. However, the maintenance of these charges has pushed most of the actors in the credits of A rainy day in New York city to dislocate of the film, and Woody Allen. The feature has been dropped by its distributor and its producer, Amazon. A rainy day in New York city not out for the moment that in some european countries, including France, September 18.

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Olivier Assayas revisits the cold war

the closing night of The Festival of Deauville will be provided by Olivier Assayas. The French director used in filming and international distributions are multilingual, will present Wasp-Network . Shot between Florida and Cuba, the drama which sets the stage for the faithful collaborator of Assayas and Edgar Ramirez ( Carlos) and Penelope Cruz, is based on real facts that occurred the last years of the cold war. The film chronicling the fate of dissidents of the castro regime, suspected of murder and espionage, and imprisoned in the United States. “ Wasp-Network offers a contrast that’s as original as it is effective in the american history of links between Cuba and the United States,” stresses the festival. Wasp-Network will also have the honors of the Toronto film Festival.

such As Jacques Audiard, who had been acclaimed at the edition 2018 for his western in the purest american tradition The Brothers Sister , Olivier Assayas will walk away with the Prize of the 45th Festival of the american cinema of Deauville. “There is, in Olivier Assayas the pleasure of cinema, the filming and of its punctuation that we feel to each shot, every sequence and every scene. A propeller plane, a flight, a perspective, a kiss, a dolly. Olivier applies perfectly to the saying of Truffaut: a good movie is a movie that has a point of view on the world and a point of view on cinema”, says Bruno Barde. “In the tradition of political thrillers, the mounting pace here the plot and really becomes part of the mise en scene as a narrative to the John The Square,” says the director of the Festival.

Olivier Assayas will meet in the seaside resort norman road, Kristen Stewart. Thanks to Sils Maria , from the same director, star of Twilight had been the first american actress to win a Cesar. The actress , soon to be the poster of the closed submarine Underwater with Vincent Cassel, will be in Deauville to defend his biopic of Jean Seberg and receive the prize Deauville Talent award.