Pedro Almodovar could direct Lula Hugot. Microphone attached to her red lips, long black dress, which was renamed the Maria Dolores to the needs of the stage, she is the Madame Loyal of this Cabaret extraordinary . Look mischievous, naughty, “doe madrid” warns that the evening is going to beat its full. On the track of The New Eve, perfect case, a variety of artists make their number.

there are Immo, the juggler monocycliste German, Elise Roche, one of the founders wacky Sea Girls, the violinist Christian Tétard and the singer Yanowski in the eyes highlighted in black and the pianist Fred Parker of the Cirque des mirages. This association of benefactors has concentrated its talents to entertain the public more beautiful. Burlesque poetry, delusions, good-natured, gags schoolboy, Maria Dolores is exceeded by the antics of his comrades. Surprise, amazed, the room is folded in two.

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This is the actress Armelle Hédin who had the idea …

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