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Elephant Man: even not fear !

Rarely has seen so many beautiful people. A famous dish in a hurry in front of the door of the Folies Bergère, not to go to see the small women Pigalle, but to applaud JoeyStarr in person and elephant man. This role mythical, adapted for the screen by David Lynch in 1984 based on the play by Bernard Pomerance, which is itself derived from the notes of dr. Frederick Treves. the Elephant Man , or the miserable existence of a “creature deprived of all consolation”, unsightly to wish and more. One assumes there because JoeyStarr do not let first see nothing.

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The elephant man is an attraction of the fair: you have to pay to ogle. Between the woman beard, the man trunk and the dwarf giant, in his fairground stall, John Merrick – it is his name draws the crowds. Against two pences, the curious him off at leisure her blankets. One day a man shows up who demand to speak to the …

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