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In Minsk, protesters shot, Grodno — mass arrests

In Minsk, protesters shot, Grodno — mass arrests

In Minsk Park named after Mikhail Pavlov resumed violent clashes of protesters and riot police officers.

According to RIA Novosti, the security forces opened fire on demonstrators with rubber bullets, there are victims.

dispersed the Protesters near the metro station “michałowo” and on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, they retreated to a nearby Park named Pavlov.

More than 40 police vehicles and buses filled with Riot police, leave Minsk and go to the area in a southerly direction with flashing lights.

Meanwhile, in Grodno began to detain participants of the protest action, reports Sputnik of Belarus. Security forces stopped four journalists, one of whom was beaten.

In the center of Grodno blocked traffic, the building of the city Executive Committee and the Executive Committee uzazi in the cordon.

In Gomel also closed downtown, the Avenue of Victory moving trucks of internal troops of the interior Ministry with the military. According to eyewitnesses, one of the protesters ran out of the paddy wagon, and then he was hit by a company car, in the end, the man managed to escape.

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