In Smolny explained how to donate blood plasma for patients with coronavirus

the Transfusion of blood plasma from recovered patients COVID-19 have demonstrated their effectiveness, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” invited experts.

“It is necessary for patients with a severe form of coronavirus, with signs of respiratory distress and laboratory signs of cytokine storm (inflammatory response when the immune system attacks cells and tissues of the body — “Rosbalt”)”, — explained the chief specialist on anesthesiology and resuscitation of city hospital № 40 Evgeny Garbuzov.

According to him, the technique is most effective in the first 3-7 days after infection. In this case, the patients the next day after transfusion can go on the mend, he added.

As noted by Vice-Governor Oleg Ergashev, only in St. Petersburg have prepared about 70 liters of plasma, that is, 164 of the dose. Due to the procedure already was able to cure 60 patients, but still there is a shortage of donors.

“I urge all who have had coronavirus infection donate plasma. Thus we will be able to help everyone who is in a serious condition” — called Ergashev.

He mentioned exactly who can be a donor. Preference is given to people under 55 years old, without chronic and other infectious diseases. It is important that it has been more than 30 days after recovery from a coronavirus, but there are smaller terms, subject to the additional tests.

the blood Plasma taken at the City station of blood transfusion in a City hospital. St. George, City hospital No. 40 and the First medical University. Pavlova. Becoming a donor will need a passport and SNILS.

According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg has registered 25 816 thousand cases of a new type of coronavirus, died on 1 thousand 389 patients.

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