In the courts of St. Petersburg has denied media reports about the cancellation of fines for a walk in the Park

In St. Petersburg did not stop the penalty practice in relation to citizens who illegally sneaked into parks, gardens and squares closed for the period of the pandemic. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was told in the press service of the courts of the city.

As stated by the press Secretary, the media needlessly disseminates information that now residents are not fined for access to the green zone.

“It’s completely sucked from the finger titles. Of course, we were limited for the most part a verbal warning. The statistics were in the ratio 80% warning and 20% of fines, and save it. For example, on Tuesday, the Dzerzhinsky court fined three people for a thousand rubles”, — noted in press service.

that now Petersburgers will be punished only “verbally”, he wrote several of the local media on the morning of 25 June. The publication attributed this to the fact that from the decision of the Smolny allegedly secretly disappeared from the list of parks and gardens, forbidden to visit.

Recall that in the Northern capital still operates on high alert. Since March, denied access to the green zone. In June, citizens began to violate the ban, and the administration has still not officially announced the opening of parks, gardens and squares. Read more in the article “Rosbalt”.

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