Kvyat explained the controversial refusal to take a knee in protest against racism: not the Mentality

Russian rider Alpha Tauri and former member of the Red Bull Daniel Kvyat said that to bend the knee before the race “Formula 1” in Austria it was not in connection with the peculiarities of their worldview. “When offered as a gesture against racism to take a knee, to me it was a little strange because it’s, shall we say, a bit against my mentality of the Russian. Still down on a knee to the Motherland, to flag, to God,” the swimmer said First channel. Before the start of the Grand Prix of Austria, which after the abolition of the stages of the championship because of the pandemic was the first in the season, the riders held a rally in solidarity with the movement against racism. Some of them bowed the knee, however, six athletes, including the Russians, refused to do so and just stood.

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