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Lawyer: Prosecutor’s office may obtain the right to block “the justification of extremism” without trial

Lawyer: Prosecutor's office may obtain the right to block "the justification of extremism" without trial

Introduced Thursday in the state Duma a draft law on the blocking of Internet resources with justification of extremism and terrorism increases the uncertainty in the legal field, said the legal analyst of the international human rights organization “Agora” Damir Gainutdinov. In comments to “Rosbalt”, the expert explained that this new bill is the introduction of a procedure of extrajudicial blocking any extremist material.

“According to article 1 of the Federal law “On countering extremist activities”, it refers to informational material that contains the call, the justification or rationale for implementation of extremist activities. So now appeals prohibits the Prosecutor and the excuses and justifications — court at the suit of the Prosecutor. Proposed article 15.3 of the Federal law “On information”, the Prosecutor is entitled to prohibit all” — said Damir Gainutdinov.

He noticed that there is a clear contradiction between the new rule and anti-extremist legislation, which acknowledge information material as extremist can only court.

“the Uncertainty of Russian censorship laws that have already many times pointed out, the ECHR and ECRI, and numerous experts, increases significantly. This position is clearly contrary to international law”, — said legal analyst “Agora”.

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