Media: Russia was invited to observe the vote on the Constitution right-wing radicals from Europe

the Russian Authorities are invited as observers to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the representatives of right-wing movements of Europe and Pro-Russian parties. Reported by the BBC.

Although the foreign observers were not required by law, the vote followed, in particular, chief editor of the right-wing Swedish newspaper Nya Tider Vavrinec Sook, member of the Bundestag from the right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” Stefan Kaiter and coordinator of the “Immortal regiment of Montenegro” Igor Damjanovic.

In the Public headquarters for control and monitoring the vote, noted that the stations were citizens of the countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa. To call them observers incorrectly — is the “invited experts”, said the head of the working group in the Public chamber Maxim Grigoriev.

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