Media: who Mission to Turkmenistan show only the

the mission of the world health organization, now located in Turkmenistan, had the opportunity to visit medical institutions. However, according to Radio Azatlyk, they were able to see only what they have shown local authorities.

Since July 8, the delegation in Turkmenabat showed a new multidisciplinary clinic and infectious diseases hospital, where “it was not” sick with pneumonia and COVID-19.

“In a multidisciplinary clinic of all intensive care patients transferred to a regular room, because who was checking mostly the intensive care unit. As he left the General hospital, patients are immediately transferred back to the intensive care unit. Also in x-rays there was a queue, the queue immediately removed and partially closed x-ray room,” — said the source publication.

According to him, the experts who try to show as less patients, which was even suspended admission of patients, with the exception of extremely heavy.

Also, according to the publication, the authorities of Turkmenabat in control of places of a congestion of people and even close down markets.

At the same time, according to Radio Azatlyk, in Ashgabat have further cases of death of patients with symptoms of coronavirus.

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