After Greta Thunberg Thursday, Angèle pushes the song on the theme of global warming. Visibly chastened by the 40° ambient – a historical record – and the treatment on Tuesday at the Meeting of the young activist Swedish, the translator of Murphy’s Law has launched a cry of alarm on his account Instagram. “The heat wave with 42 degrees, the articles alarming on the state of our planet and the reviews on Greta Thunberg inspire me…”, she says.

The soft almost childlike voice of the belgian singer, who is accompanied by some piano notes to contrast with the tone alarmist words: “We’re in the shit up to your neck, it’s crazy how we managed to forget / denial, it’s so cool that this kind of truth.”

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the heat wave, 42 degrees, the articles alarming on the state of our planet and the reviews on Greta Thunberg inspire me.. (I hesitate to say “we’ll all be dead” instead of “it will be too late,” but after wed am say that this may be too sad as the end)

A publication that is shared by Angela (@angele_vl) on 25 Jul. 2019 at 10 :30 am PDT

on This Friday afternoon, its publication, very in tune with the concerns of the moment, had already been “liked” nearly 460.000 times on the social network. Several personalities of the artistic world have also commented on the images, some seeming to focus more on the physique of the young singer, rather than on the content of his speech… “The teeth of the most cute of the world”, react to, for example, the american singer Miley Cyrus. The designer Jacquemus, him, contented himself with a simple “Wow!”, doubled a émoji heart.

A singer committed

This is not the first time that the singer talks about global warming. In an interview with Télérama in November 2018, she was worrying about “what will be our future – if future there”. “The future of the environment gives me a lot of anguish. When I was a child, they explained to me that the Earth would die if we did nothing. Fifteen years later, nothing was done. And in fifteen years we will be where?” questions-does it then.

Very committed, Angela is a frequent speaker on topics in society, such as sexism in the comical clip of Balance your what or female homosexuality in T a Queen . On the occasion of the international Day of the rights of women on 8 march, she sported a t-shirt bearing the inscription: “The women need more sleep than men since the struggle against patriarchy is exhausting”.