Listen to a Madonna song in its original form, it is a golden nugget of priceless for any fan of the singer. A mock-up of his hit Like A Prayer has just been published by his collaborator, Patrick Leonard, songwriter, keyboardist and producer, to the side of the demos to Cherish and Angels .

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Written and recorded in 1988 but released march 21, 1989, the song has a double-gate read: it deals with the appearance of religion but has a second hidden meaning, with allusions to sexuality. It has long been the number one of the Billboard charts in several countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Thwarting an auction

fans of the “Material Girl” are obviously delighted with this initiative, but it does not only a referred to altruistic to the fans. At this moment in time, so that it makes the promotion of Madame X his last album, held a sale at which the american singer is vehemently opposed to. His former interior decorator, Darlene Lutz, organizes auctions of old personal items of Madonna. As well, are made available to the public of cassette tapes of his old songs, objects from the daily star (a toothbrush, underwear), but also a souvenir archipersonnel: a handwritten letter from Madonna to Tupac, his former lover…

Madonna has tried to ban the sale in 2017, without success. “I hope that these publications will stop the sale of this cassette in the auction,” wrote Patrick Leonard on YouTube.

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