Rosstat: Inflation in Russia in June slowed to 0.2%

Inflation in Russia in June 2020, slowed to 0.2 percent from 0.3 percent in may. In annual terms, compared to June 2019 — consumer prices showed an increase of 3.2% (in may — 3%). This is stated in the materials of Rosstat. It clarifies the Agency, in June food prices rose by 0.2%, services by 0.1%. Non-food prices rose 0.3%. According to Rosstat, in the last month a significant impact on the dynamics of the cost of food commodities has increased prices for cereals and legumes. For example, buckwheat has risen by 3.2%. The increase in prices of 5% or more was noted in 19 subjects of the Russian Federation, and the most prominent in Magadan oblast — 9.3% and Kaluga region — 9.1%. Rose rice (+2,2%), semolina and oat flakes “Hercules” (+2,1%), peas and beans (+1,9%), oat and barley cereals (+1%). The prices fell for eggs — by 7.3%, sugar — by 0.8%, sterilized milk — by 0.6%, frozen squid by 0.5 percent, frozen fish (except herring) — 0.4%, Turkey meat, caviar, salmon, and pasteurized milk — 0.2%. Of nonfood commodities have increased in price to soap — 1.1% toothpaste — 1%, Laundry soap — by 0.8%, toilet paper and matches — 0.7% washing powder — 0.6%.

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