Investigators took from the apartment Verzilova a flash drive and two external hard drives and decided to search his mother

Investigators took from the apartment of the participant of Pussy Riot and the publisher of “media zones” Peter Verzilova a flash drive and two external hard drives. Earlier today, we recall, he was arrested after an interview with radio station “Echo of Moscow”. Verzilova drove home on sixth search. How to specify “the Media”, the resolution stated that the search was conducted “with the aim of finding and seizure of mobile communications, computer and electronic equipment, magnetic media, sound, lighting and mounting hardware”. Investigators were also interested in the documents about the “circumstances of the acquisition Verzilovym of canadian citizenship”, as well as the papers that would confirm the involvement Verzilova “the organization of mass riots” and failure to inform about the second citizenship. Meanwhile, as told the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov with reference to the lawyer of Leonid Solovyov, the investigators presented Verzilovo another decree about carrying out a search in the apartment of his mother. Investigative events are held in the framework of the case under article 330.2 of the criminal code. Yesterday, investigators came up in this case home to your mother Verzilova.

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