The British government will reduce VAT on certain goods and services from 20% to 5%

The value-added tax for some goods and services in Britain will be temporarily reduced from 20% to 5%. This was stated by the Finance Minister of the United Kingdom Rashi Sunak, reports “PRIME”. Earlier today he introduced in Parliament a multi-billion dollar package of measures to support the British economy. So, the recovery of jobs, the country plans to spend $9.4 billion on support infrastructure — $5.6 billion. Also in the country until the end of March 2021 introduced tax breaks for buyers of property worth 500 thousand pounds. Sunak noted the importance of the tourism and hospitality industry have earned again, “while safely enjoying the summer days”. Now the VAT in this sector is 20%. The British Ministry of Finance has decided to reduce VAT on food, accommodation services (hotels) and attractions of six months. According to the Minister, the new measures apply to meals sold by restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, including takeaway. The changes relate to the services of hotels, campsites, cinemas, theme parks and zoos. “All of these companies with the following environment will find that the VAT for them has changed from 20% to 5%. This rate will be valid until 12 January 2021,” said the Minister. He added that the authorities will pay all companies of one thousand pounds for the return of each workplace and the employment of the employee. Companies that will hire young employees, including interns and assistants, will receive from the state for two thousand pounds. Moreover, the government will Finance the provision of discounts for citizens to food in restaurants.

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