This is the time of wishes: we wish you to start the new year in the company of Jean Vanier, the founder of the homes of the Ark. And Jean Vanier you wish to grant yourself the permission to be crazy. “I’m not saying that we should all become crazy, corrects-t-it pleasantly. But it could be from time to time…” instead of listening politely to what society expects, let them rule by the other, by the desire to succeed in their eyes, to obtain their applause, giving yourself permission to simply be yourself, and listen to his heart. “My companions fifty years have taught me that there was nothing wrong with that”, he says smiling. Their genius is not intellectual, it is the genius of the relationship: “They are not polished. They are themselves. They are crazy!” Live with them, “it is a bazaar! But it is always a mess to live together as a family, at work, you know that, right?” The humor is …

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