The President of the court in Volgograd has been detained for a large bribe

the Chairman of the Dzerzhinsk district court of Volgograd Yulia Dobrynina got on a bribe in 25 million roubles.

according to the “Notepad Volgograd”, after detention on Friday, and operational activities Dobrynin was brought to Moscow for further investigation.

Dobrynin “took” red-handed during a meeting with the wife of the arrested well-known authoritative businessman Vladimir Zubkov at the restaurant “Bean”.

the Judge demanded a large sum for the liberation of Volgograd businessman “sick”, claiming his wife that question can solve the “Chairman of the judicial Department Gusev.”

For their services Dobrynin asked for 20 million rubles, which he received immediately, but later asked me to bring her another 5 million rubles. For Zubkova it was the last straw, and she turned for help to the FSB.