The promenade by Marc Chagall will open a floating steam room and pools

under the new capital improvement of the embankment in the area of the ZIL in the capital will create a complex coastal structures on pontoons. Its membership will include a Spa, three swimming pools, a steam room is 15 square meters and a relaxation area with locker rooms and showers.

According to the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, the floating center will be located in the old channel of the Moscow river. Safety reasons the water complex plan to fence around the perimeter.

In the development of the project was attended by specialists of the Institute of Moscow city master Plan. The final design of the complex will be determined after geological investigations of the coastal strip. It is expected that the work “floating sauna” is 12 hours a day. Every day it can cater for up to 20 persons.

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