Witnesses: In Sevastopol on the parade T-34 tank began to smoke and almost drove into spectators

In Sevastopol during the Victory parade of the column headed T-34 tank almost drove into a crowd of spectators. This was told by attending the event, local resident, reports the edition “Rise”.

He said that the incident occurred at turn on Nakhimov square. A tank suddenly could not turn and went straight. “The audience did not expect this and did not move,” he said. He added that the emergency ran the military police, the tank stopped, and choked. “Repaired on the spot, after which the car continued movement”, — said standing next to the man.

According to radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the tank first started Smoking and then stopped a few meters from the spectators. Fixed, but he couldn’t pass far, in the end, the car was evacuated, told the media another witness.

In Department of information support a press-services of southern military district has already responded to the incident. They said that at the time of nomination of military equipment to the scene of Victory parade in Sebastopol have not been any incidents that pose a danger to spectators. T-34 tank “when making a turn the maximum reduced engine speed and made a stop at a safe distance from spectators,” added the press service, RBC reports.

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