The Prosecutor has requested suspended sentences for the girls of the

the Prosecution asked for three real life from 6 to 7.5 years in prison and four conditional for the defendants in the case of the organization “New greatness”.

Real time Prosecutor calls for Ruslan Kostyankova (7.5 years), Peter Karamzin (6.5) and Vyacheslav Kryukov (6), and conditional — for Dmitry Poletaev, Maxim Roshchin — for 6.5 years, and to Mary Dubovik (5 years) and Anna Pavlikova (4 years), reports RIA “Novosti”.

Seven defendants charged with participation in an extremist community, the purpose of which, according to the investigation, was the overthrow of the constitutional order and the establishment of the provisional government.

Recall that the 10 defendants in the case were arrested in March 2018. To date, sentenced Rustam Rustamov received two years of probation, and Paul Zebrowski sent to the colony for 2.5 years. Sergey Gavrilov, in October 2019 escaped from house arrest.

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