Under the yoke of the taliban and the oppressive heat of that summer of 1998 in Kabul in ruin, tempers flare. Arrests, hangings and lapidations punctuate the daily life of the ancient city. The inhabitants remain cloistered. Former mujahid became the keeper of the prison for women, Atiq sleep on Mussarat, his wife seriously ill, and laments that “war drags on”.

as a Young professor of history, Moshen would like to teach in a “school secret” while his wife, the beautiful Zunaira, are not painted on the walls of their home hidden behind a curtain. “He must live”, she repeats. But “the Story is truncated, liar”, notes sadly the former professor of history Mohsen. His pupil knows that too. Not all of them can stop dreaming of freedom in a world that enforces the sharia law.

the vagueness of The lines, the simplicity of the graphics, the lights present, and the transparency of the colours do not minimize the violence of the situations that see die the slightest attempt of freedom

adapting the book by Yasmina Khadra The Swallows of Kabul , published in 2002 (Éditions Julliard), Zabou Breitman and Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec are …

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