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A book of martyrs americans by Joyce Carol Oates: the reasons for the anger

about book of martyrs u.s. , the Washington Post wrote that he was “the most important book of Oates”. Superlative gearbox. You could try to do the list of books “the most important” of JCO: Bellefleur , Them , Blonde , We were the Mulvaney , Cursed , I have managed to stay alive … but it would be a quick dizzy. In reality, it is she, the superlative, the immense novelist the power and energy continually renewed (she just turned 81 years old). But finally, we gave him the Nobel prize! Some make the news for this year: since it was awarded the prize of Jerusalem for the freedom of individuals in the society, it would be more than ever nobélisable… Verdict in October.

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book of martyrs u.s. is a novel of war, with its soldiers, its dead innocents, its desolate landscapes and their widows. Joyce Carol Oates recorded his story in a …

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