A day in Russia died 176 patients with coronavirus

In recent days in Russia 6 thousand 718 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection in 84 regions. It is reported by the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC).

the number of cases in 2 thousand 182 people (32,5%) no clinical manifestations.

In the first place by the number of cases per day is Moscow, where infection was detected in 659 people. On the second place — Moscow region (298), the third — Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (271).

For the last day 176 confirmed deaths, was discharged from hospital 8 thousand 915 people.

Thus, during the propagation of the coronavirus in Russia was 667 thousand 883 case (+1.0 percent) of the disease in 85 regions, died on 9 thousand 859 people, recovered 437 thousand 893 people.

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